The Art of Nothing

Getting to Clown Mind Through the Body

Turn your imperfections into your strengths, give theatrical dimension to your wild and silly side, create a comic world from the preposterous and absurd experiences of your own life. Through movement and voice, theatrical play and improvisation, solo or with the group…


Clown is like Zen. When we reach Nirvana, if we try to hold on to it, try to understand it with our intellect, it escapes us. We can only endeavour to reach the clown in ourselves, and ride the wave.

The day starts with a physical and spiritual preparative approach by waking up the senses through movement. Examining the relationships between ourselves and the space around us, movement and breath, Voice Training and Singing, Breathing and Meditation Exercises, Mime, and Neutral Mask.

Individually or within the group, without the necessity of "clowning", we can explore other realms of theatre and quietly observe our potential to play.
Than we begin to observe potential clown moments, and as actors to find a sense of profound delight as we get in touch with our spontaneity, our desires and pleasures, as well as finding complicity with one another through simple play.

Taking the fun and energy found through play and bringing it directly to the stage, we use different exercises and themes of improvisation to arrive at awareness of our internal clown. Through individual coaching, each one realizes their performance piece.

Details zum Clown Workshop

LEITUNG: Laura Herts
ORT: Tamala Center Konstanz/Bodensee
TERMIN: 31.7.–3.8.2016
(So 11 Uhr–Mi 16 Uhr

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